Roasting world class coffees in Richmond, VA.

Let us introduce you to a few...

"The Foundation"

The rock on which our lineup is built. Great for espresso and those who enjoy dark roast with milk added.

Cornerstone Blend


"The Swiss Army Knife"

The versatile complement to Cornerstone. A medium roast we use for our drip, cold brew, and occasionally pour over.

MorningStar Blend


"The Passport"

Take your taste buds on a trip to Colombia. This blend combines two Colombian beans for a slightly sweet, nutty, orange juicy explosion.

Los Hermanos Blend


New to brewing?

Brewing is the momentous final step in a chain of hundreds that must go right for the perfect, delicious cup.

No matter what brewer you use, we'll show you how to get it right.

What people are sayin'...

I’m the type of person who forgets something after it’s been explained it to me so it’s SUPER helpful to have to have the brew guides at my fingertips (by opening my phone camera). I’ve forgotten how to make iced coffee twice but I can always check the Parousia youtube!!

Stephanie I.

They taught me how to make iced coffee at home and it was great!! Their coffee is delicious and is hands down the best part of my morning. The bags are also so cute and will look great in your cabinets.

Pallavi S.

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  • Joseph Bryan Park
  • Saturdays, 8am-12pm
  • Serving full espresso menu + pour over